Premier Dance Company

Lansing Area’s Premier Dance Studio

Competitive Dance

PDC has unmatched success in competitive dance. Competitive dancers compete across the Midwest, and take class nationally with top choreographers. We continue to achieve the highest awarded trophies, place top in overall high scores, achieve scholarships and national titles.

Dance Classes

Premier Dance Company offers our students the absolute best dance training across all ages and dance styles. Classes are offered for ages 3 and up and we offer classes to all dance levels!

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons that are open to any student and can be scheduled with any member of our staff. Private lessons are a great way to focus on technique, flexibility, work on choreography or improve your skill set. Private lessons are held outside of the regularly scheduled classes including weekends.

About PDC

Premier Dance Company is the Lansing area’s leading dance program. PDC dancers train under the very best instructors across multiple dance styles. Premier Dance Company is dedicated to developing talent and preparing dancers to succeed at both the recreational and for those interested, the competitive level. 


“We are committed to providing our students a strong consistent foundation while fostering a passion and love for dance.”

“I have watched PDC help my dancer grow in immeasurable ways.  Ashley and Alyssa lead an astounding group of teachers that provide an environment of support and positivity, while teaching and challenging the dancers to continually improve. My dancer emanates confidence and joy when she dances; but this has also translated to how she perceives herself in everyday life.
The choreography is beautiful and challenging.  The staff are knowledgeable and kind.
What sets PDC apart is their ability to make their environment supportive and encouraging.”


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