About PDC

Who We Are

Premier Dance Company is the Lansing area’s leading dance program. PDC dancers train under the very best instructors across multiple dance styles. Our personalized approach to teaching ensures our dancers get the attention they need to grow in the art of dance. We work to inspire our dancers through exemplary instruction and do so in an encouraging and safe environment.  Premier Dance Company is dedicated to developing talent and preparing dancers to succeed at both the recreational, and for those interested, the competitive level. PDC is committed to providing our students a strong consistent foundation while fostering a passion and love for dance.

Why Choose PDC?

Competitive Dance

Our award-winning Company Dancers compete across the Midwest and take class nationally with top choreographers.

Personalized Instruction

Our personalized teaching approach ensures every dancer gets the attention they need to grow in dance.


Our recreational and competitive dance programs offer classes that fit every dancer no matter what age or experience level.


PDC instructors are specifically selected to teach based on their expertise, creating a strong foundation for our students.

Studio Atmosphere

We work at great lengths to ensure all of our dancers have safe and fun environment to grow in dance.

PDC Passion

PDC strives to bring excellence in dance education while fostering a love and passion for dance!

Dancer Expectations

  • Premier Dancers will address their teachers by “Miss” and will thank their teachers at the end of each class.
  • Premier Dancers should come prepared, dressed and ready to work.
  • Premier Dancers will adhere to dress codes as stated above.
  • Premier Dancers will make sure to respect the facility by cleaning up after themselves.
  • Premier Dancers are expected to be courteous, kind and supportive.

Our Studio

Our family has been a part of Premier for the past few seasons.  I have four daughters, who dance competitively at the studio. We have been very impressed with many aspects of Premier Dance Company.

First, the dance instructors are extremely supportive, and they teach using principles of positive motivation and encouragement. As a psychologist, I know this an essential component of identity development, especially during the adolescent years.

Second, the owners of the dance studio encourage the girls to form a strong commitment to each other, both as teammates and friends. “mean girl” behavior is not tolerated, and the girls learn from their first class about the importance of being nothing but kind and positive toward their fellow dancers. As a result, their are bonds are strong!

Third, I have appreciated the transparency that the studio has about the expenses related to being a part of the studio. Whether it is class tuition, the cost of costumes, or the cost of competitions, prices are laid out clearly and upfront with plenty of notice, and time to pay!

Overall, I would highly recommend Premier Dance Company to anybody interested in enrolling their child in a local studio!


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